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Top 7 Forums Online About Making Money

You’re making some money online but are not quite where you want to be yet. Neither am I, but guess what I’ve done. I’ve decided to align myself with those who ARE where I want to be. Join me and take the next step, follow those who are now where you want to be tomorrow. My research has unearthed [...]

Blog Flipping Tip: 15 Domain Name Extensions

Ok. So you have a killer niche idea for your next blog flip, but the ideal domain name is taken. Many times the .net and .info variation will be available, but you prefer to stick with the .com version. Well this can be annoying but no need to fret, as below i give you over 15 creative domain name [...]

New Flip, Twilight Movie News Blog

As some of you know i have been busy building a few flip blogs. One of which is a Twilight blog. I have it just about ready to flip on Sitepoint. This Twilight blog is a true beauty, it features a customized premium theme and a custom header logo. Traffic and Revenue Summary The blog is fully [...] Up For Sale, Starting Bid $100,000

Have $100,000 lying around? That is the minimum bid to buy I just noticed the listing on Sitepoint. I’m not sure why Graham (the founder) is selling, but it will cause BUZZ in the blog-o-sphere for sure. Why Is Graham Selling Entrecard? (read his own words below) I am selling because [...]

PR2 Large Image Host Website For Sale

My PR2 large image host site is up for sale at Sitepoint, to view the auction details go to the listing page. The image host is a year old, received 1,800 page views last month, has page rank of 2, is monetized via Adsense and has a custom made header banner. If you know how to market an image [...]

Awesome SitePoint Blog Flipping Contest

Want to learn the fine art of flipping web real estate online? Bryan who runs SiteFlipU, is hosting an awesome SitePoint Blog Flipping Contest. This is a great way to learn the art and science of flipping online real estate. This is a month long contest which begins July 1st and ends July 30th. [...]
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