Super Blogga: 70 Plus Tips and Tricks To Make You a Super Blogger

Super Blogga Book

It’s easy to create a blog – it’s another story to make it popular, useful and profitable.

Follow the tips in my book and you’ll take your blog from zero to hero as I have done with many blogs since 2007

What’s In The Book:

  • The Importance of Specializing In a Niche
  • How Much You Should Pay for a Webhost (And Not a Penny More)
  • 5 Best Ways To Generate Content
  • The One Office Equipment You Shouldn’t Be Without
  • How to Go Green With Your Blog
  • Why Facebook Is No Longer Optional
  • The Top Two FREE Visitor Tracking Services I Recommend
  • Why Using Humor in Your Blog Will Net You More Readers
  • What Tools Are Essential For A New Blog
  • How to Promote Your Blog Offline
  • The Top Two FREE Visitor Tracking Services I Recommend
  • How To Solicit Guest Writers for Your Blog
  • The 4 Most Popular Blog Monetization Models
  • and more…

The book is available via Amazon

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Super Blogga: 70 Plus Tips To Take Your Blog from Zero To Hero


Missy Diaz

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I read through the eBook three times before I sat down to evaluate it and for the most part I found it to be a good read. I typically do not critique blogs or eBooks, usually just websites, and mostly on design, coding, and layout. I did find several tips in the eBook that I felt could possibly even benefit my own blogs and perhaps increase my readership.

Nate, from Resident Geek

Missy’s book is a quick and dirty guide for a beginner blogger and a good reminder for a more seasoned blogger about the things you should be doing. I found the bite-sized, numbered blogging tips very useful, because they are easy to incorporate in my busy schedule. As a fitness blogger, I especially loved the tip #11: Get exercise! If I weren’t careful, I’d soon end up one super plump fitness blogger. And that wouldn’t do, would it?

Satu, from Body Capable

It’s so easy for new bloggers to be overwhelmed with all the different steps that need to be done to be successful.  By providing an easy to read, numbered checklist, Missy has simplified the process.  While this eBook is geared toward beginning bloggers, it’s a good review for seasoned bloggers as well.  I especially liked tip #18 which reminds us of the importance of establishing a relationship with other bloggers in our niche by visiting their blogs and commenting on posts we like.  This is one tip I am going to implement into my routine.

Sandy, from Cottage Style Decorating

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