G34 Media is a small niche network of web properties and a new media services provider.

What kind of cool sites do we have? We mostly specialize in niche blogs. Have a look at some of our sites below and on our portfolio page.

Missy Diaz a/k/a Super BloggaThis property (and its corresponding blog) are both run by Missy Diaz who is also known around the web as Super Blogga. She’s currently a professional guest writer in that she writes content for various website and blog owners, but has been working online in various capacities since 2007.

Missy has always had an undying love for the written word and as such web content and writing is now her bread and butter. She also taught herself the ins and outs of creating WordPress powered sites and just recently even wrote a fun Kindle book.

See full G34 Media portfolio below:

  • eBook Reader Geek closed
  • Frugal Quack
  • Explore Hyde Park closed
  • Groovy Vegetarian – (PR4, Vegetarian Blog) SOLD! 4/2010
  • TwitterT-shirtBlog.com – (all about twitter shirts) SOLD! 5/2009
  • TaylorSwift.info – (all about country teen cutie Taylor Swift) SOLD!
  • TwilightMovieBlog.com – (all about Twilight) SOLD! 12/2008
  • Groovy Chicago – (PR1, Chicago Blog) SOLD! 10/09
  • BinkYou.net – (PR1, Image Host Site) SOLD! 4/2009
  • BloggersSearch.com SOLD! 8/2008
  • MyspaceResource Site SOLD! 9/2008
  • iPhoneRecycling.com SOLD! 11/2008 (cell phone recycling blog)
  • G34 Media – (PR2, New Media Blog)
  • TwitterFollowButton.comSOLD! 8/2009
  • JonasWeblog.info – SOLD! 9/2009

Media Opportunities Available:

  • Guest Posts Welcome

To guest post on any of our web properties, please contact Missy. Submitting a guest post is one of the BEST methods to build links back to your site and get a better search rank. Inquire today with relevant requests!

  • Acquisitions

To inquire on purchasing any of our web properties, contact Missy. Let us know which one you’re interested in.

Note: Our preferred blog platform is WordPress and our preferred host is DreamHost.

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