small business saturday tips and tricksShop Small is all about supporting Small Business Saturday, the annual event aimed at small business owners in the US. This year, the event takes place on Saturday, November 24th.

The American Express Small Business Saturday event is essentially an opportunity for you to promote your company to those who wish to patronize small businesses. The key is to have strategic promotions in place to reel them in for further sales.

See our top tips below on ways to use Small Business Saturday as a promotional tool.

1. Promote The Event On Your Website or Blog -

Your website or blog can be key in driving traffic to your shop on this day. Since this is a highly promoted event online, many will first find you or hear of you via the web. This is where your website will play a role in what happens next. Let’s say you run a Facebook promotion through the Shop Small site and hordes of customers come to your site. What are they going to land on? How are you going to capture interest? What incentives will you have in place on the site, to get these visitors to come into your place of business? If all they land on is your homepage, with no strategic reason to visit or learn more about you – your Facebook promotion will be a bust. Have a strategy in place now, so that when the traffic hits your site on the big day, you capitalize on it and drive foot traffic back where you want it to go – your business.

2. Join The Small Business Saturday Facebook Page -

Shop Small has a Facebook page which you can follow to easily follow all updates as the day gets closer. This is an excellent way to stay abreast of any changes, last minute promotional offers provided by Amex and more. It’s also a good way to network with other small business owners. Find a reason to join and get active.

3. Use The Small Business Saturday Merchants Directory -

Did you know that Shop Small has a merchant directory? Indeed, they do and is free for you to add your site or business. Another resource available for you to get additional exposure from the guys and gals at American Express. If you view this event as just that, a strategic promotional event – you’ll see the massive potential in the day itself.

4. Network Your Way To More Sales -

One thing I notice some small businesses doing is networking with each other to leverage each others audience, traffic and customer base. For example, if you’re a florist; why not partner up with the wedding consultant down the street to reach a new (but related) audience. This way you both benefit and not only that, but you’re helping the couple find a related service that they now no longer need to go spend time chasing after. You’re doing them a major favor by helping them find good, local and trusted service providers for the big day. How generous of you.

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5. Use Freebies To Promote The Day Itself -

American Express has a series of items on its website to help small business owners promote Shop Small via their shop or online. They even have a FREE welcome mat that shop owners can use to display in their place of business. You can score free signs, labels, stickers and online specific materials like banners and badges for your blog. Take advantage of all these freebies while you can.

6. Use The Day To Capture Email Leads -

You can use this day and whatever traffic it brings, to capture email addresses for your list. You can do this on your site or in person at your establishment. Online you can set up an email lead capture form so and in your store, you can use a giveaway of some sort to capture email addresses. Be smart, have fun and most of all – get those leads. The better you know your customers and your niche, the better you will know how best to market to them. Do they respond to social media? Are they more of the offline and foot traffic type? Whatever it is that your niche responds to, provide it.

7. Have Fun -

Let’s face it, the more fun you have the more clients you will attract. As who doesn’t want to be around a fun, happy and easy going person who loves their business and loves serving others. Be that person. The one that customers know as the go to guy or gal who can provide the product or service they need but with flair and a side of awesome to go along with the business. Enjoy this day, make it an EVENT for YOUR CUSTOMERS and they will reward you with sales and their loyalty.

Over to you. What plans do you have in store for Shop Small? The best replies will get featured above in the article as an edit. So tell us below.

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