Have you heard of Gifties?

It’s a cute app for Facebook that allows you to gift friends and family members and the virtual prizes you dole out could potentially be real. See the quick video below to see how it works and to view the app in action.

So as you can see from the video above, the virtual gifts you send to friends can potentially become real. And the gifts are pretty major including trips abroad, TV’s, laptops and more. The app itself is fun and a silly good time while you’re on Facebook.

Try it today and tell me what you think of it below?

Facebook page for the app – GIFTIES.

With Gifties, you can have a little fun while also giving your friends and family members some neat prizes. We quite like the idea and hope the Facebook app takes off. Try it guys and let me know what you think below.

It’s free to use and play with, and when you send out a virtual gift, your friend gets a notice about it on their stream.

Give it a whirl now and see for yourself, just click the link above that takes you to the Gifties app on Facebook.

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