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Welcome to the October 23, 2012 edition of a web marketing blog carnival.

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Jeremy Biberdorf presents Blog Link Building – Not All Links Are Created Equal posted at Modest Money, saying, “All the time I see blogs that are written quite well and have a decent sized following. Then I see a low PageRank or high Alexa Ranking and realize they are likely missing out on a lot of extra traffic. The problem is usually that they are not effectively building links to help their search engine rankings.”

Small Business Marketing

Vlad Opras presents Mortgage Marketing | Senior Marketing® posted at Life Insurance Leads from Senior Marketing, saying, “If you are looking for mortgage refinance projects or turn around advance leads that are sure to be 100% exclusive and do not have any rivalry, then you have come to the right place.”

Leineriza presents Top 3 Ways A Business Blog Can Improve Your Bottom Line posted at The Work@Home Maven, saying, “Curious about business blogs and how one can help you get new customers, improve sales and generally grow your company? If your business is ready to graduate from the website-as-a-brochure tactic to the strategy of employing the potential of frequently updated business blogs, here are the top three ways you can use the media to your advantage.”

Social Media

David Leonhardt presents Are you an original blog writer? posted at A Ghost Writers Blog, saying, “The bad news is that blog owners and blog writers have reduced “originality” to “Can this article pass Copyscape?” If you or someone you are guest blogging for is even asking this question, you are not only missing the point – you are missing the boat.”

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Lovenus Goh presents How To Get More Search Traffic For Free posted at – Make Money Online By Sharing How To Make Money Online With Anyone, saying, “Step By Step Guide On How To Get More Search Traffic For Free”


Online Marketing

Muhammad Irfan Zafar presents Squeeze Pages May Be Injuring You Without Your Realization posted at Experts Column, saying, “An important webpage for your achievements, however it does not hold on an instant. The towering prospects exchange rate needs your squeeze webpage to be much focused. Sculpting your style and modify your duplicate are some alterations, which can be carried out to facilitate enhance your prospect exchange rate of your squeeze webpage.”


Webds presents 10 Tips for Writing Better PPC Advertisements posted at SEO Agency – Top SEO Services Company | Dynamic Search, saying, “Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can be a great effective method of getting traffic to a website. The usability and the quality of a website can be for naught if no visitors view the website. There are many argumentation that an ad could perform poorly, but one of the most common reasons is a lackluster advertisement.”

Small Business Marketing

Jon Lorentsen presents What is cloud computing | Round Partner Blog posted at Round Partner Blog, saying, “Small explanation on what cloud computing is and how it can help small businesses”

Web Marketing

Richard Weisskopf presents Why direct mailers and internet marketing can deliver big results posted at, saying, “Learn how direct mail and internet marketing team up to deliver surprising results”

ToolBox Blog presents The Value of Category Reviews for Retailers posted at ToolBox Blog, saying, “Regular category reviews constitute a fundamental though often neglected aspect of a retailer’s category management process. Category reviews are vital to determining proper pricing, assortment, merchandising and promotional strategies, but often require significant time and resources in order to integrate the many different data sources necessary to make a comprehensive and worthwhile review.”

ioan draniciar presents How To Drive Traffic To Your Websites Using Stumble Upon platform posted at Lazy Cash Making Formula, saying, “In this article you will learn how to get targeted traffic from Stumble Upon platform. Stumble Upon is a great way to generate rapid exposure, establish a reader base for your blog and get numerous backlinks from other bloggers.”

Enstine Muki presents Do you deliver killer content in a broken container? posted at Em Fast Income.

Online Marketing

Shamelle presents 5 Ways To Promote Your Brand With YouTube Videos To Create An Irresistibly Sticky Brand posted at Promote Youtube Videos, saying, “Branding your company and products via Internet videos can build customer loyalty and win you new customers in 2012. Video marketing isn’t a new phenomenon; statistically, video marketing has been proven to increase conversions when used as a marketing tool on sales pages. In this post I explore video as a branding tool you can use to increase your presence within your niche community.”

Jonathan Milligan presents 3 Primary Ways Pro Bloggers Communicate Their Passion posted at Blogging Your Passion, saying, “When it comes down to it, there’s really only 3 primary ways bloggers can communicate their passion. Here’s how…”

John Morrow presents Does Your School Work for Bank of America? An Overview of Bank-University Affinity Agreements posted at NerdWallet | Education, saying, “Hi this is a new article about the sketchy agreements between Bank of America and a few colleges to target college students via a marketing perspective. I hope you like it!”

Bill Smith presents The Best Money Making WebsitesAuthority Articles posted at Authority Articles, saying, “Although there is an abundance of money making websites available on the Internet, there are also many scams.”

Adam Troudart presents 7 Steps to Writing a Blog Post That Matters posted at – Practical Advice and Inspiration for Successful Marketers, saying, “In this 3000+ word tutorial there are 7 actionable steps you’ll need to take if you want to write a blog post that will matter to people and attract quality traffic to your site”

Jon Rhodes presents 23 Sure Fire Ways To Increase Your Traffic posted at Affiliate Help!, saying, “This article shows you some essential tips to help you increase the traffic to your website or blog.”


Jean Oram presents Where to Use Keywords To Gain More Traffic posted at Jean Oram, saying, “This post provides tips on where you can place keywords for your niche audience within your blog posts or website to increase web traffic to your website or blog.”

Ashley Baxter presents 5 Tips For Better Blog SEO & More Website Traffic posted at Baxie404, saying, “Blogs are an important part of online marketing. Find out how to use SEO to get more traffic to your blog for free. This post covers technical and non-technical issues.”

Small Business Marketing

Barbara West presents 999 Brilliantly Thought Out Money Making Ideas posted at 999 Brilliantly Thought Out Money Making Ideas, saying, “Need an idea to created a business? In this report there are almost a thousand ways,ideas,and instructions on how you can put together a different streams of income.”

Biz Tips presents 10 Killer Ways To Keep Your Profits Rolling posted at Make Friends And Money Sharing Your Biz Tips, saying, “Keep your profits rolling. Not as easy as said right? What if I revealed to you the 10 Killer Ways I Use To Keep MY Profits Rolling?”

Yocheved Bat presents HGH Releaser Supplements- Fantastic Way to Go if You are Looking for a Great Home Based Online Business posted at YocheveBat Imedt, saying, “Selling HGH releaser supplements can help you build a successful online business. Nutritional supplements are very popular and can be counted on to sell consistently.”

Social Media

Jacques Bouchard presents Online Nursing Resources For Your Professional & Social Life posted at Onward Healthcare Blog, saying, “Travel nurses are increasingly using social media to connect with one another, job search, ask questions, and to find that understanding “ear”. See how nurses are using forums and other areas to maximize their nursing career and life experiences!”

Web Marketing

Bill Smith presents Using A PPC Company To Manage Your Internet Marketing Campaign posted at Captured Technology, saying, “One of the most effective ways to draw visitors towards your website is through the use of PPC marketing. In order to ensure your campaign is effective, you should consider using one of the PPC companies available to manage campaigns online.”

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