Twitter and social media in general when managed properly and strategically used, can not only be beneficial to your website or blog – but can be beneficial to you as a person.

Think about the various areas that aid in your professional development such as credentials, public speaking, presentation skills and so on then find ways to use Twitter to seek out opportunities that compliment these key areas. Let’s take a look below at four ways to do just that.

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4 Ways To Use Twitter For Professional Development

1. Follow Leaders In Your Niche -

One way to capitalize on what Twitter has to offer you is to seek out those who are the leaders in the professional development niche and see what nuggets of wisdom you can glean from their tweets. From the blogs and sites that they follow, to what they blog about and more can all be gleaned from their Twitter profile and more specifically their tweets.

2. Network With Other Personal Development Brands

Just as you would in real life network with others in your field, so too would you network with others in your field online. Look for anyone involved and or interested in personal enrichment and see what ways you can come together such as a joint venture, a dual contest, a website content blitz, a guest blog post exchange and more. An active and established follower in your niche on social media – is gold. Treat them as such.

3. Ask Questions -

You can ask questions of those in your field and see what ways you can compliment each other and in what ways you can help each other. Since Twitter is known as a micro blogging network, your limited to 140 character tweets and that’s it. You cannot go into some long diatribe about this topic or that question etc. Instead you can direct others who wish to have a longer discourse to your site or blog. There you can pontificate all you want and as long as you want. No 140 character limit applies.

4. Help Others -

This is in tangent with the tips above. Once you have followed the leaders in your field or niche you can then move on to ways to reach out and help others. You can do this daily, weekly or whatever schedule suits you; do a search for your main keyword and find people to help. You can do this by answering questions, tweeting about helpful resources and or directing them to a page on your site or blog that has more information for them to delve into. You might be pleasantly surprised as to how many individuals need assistance on Twitter and just how many post their queries there for others to swoop in and help out. Be there for them.

How do you use Twitter for personal development? Let me know below in the comment area. And if you happen to be an agency that offers this service, tell me how you use Twitter for outreach.

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