We all have one life and one shot at doing all that we want to do with our short time here. So why not make it memorable and crazy fun. As a blogger I love blogs and blog owners, so we compiled this list of what we consider to be 100 blogs you should visit – before it’s too late. The BEST of the best on the web.

If you have yet to visit any of these, now is as good a time as any. In fact, we think this should be a challenge of sorts and so with that in mind, we have made a PDF version – to take with, so that you can peruse each one at your leisure.

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summertime lasagna from steamy kitchen dot com

1. Pati’s Mexican Table – What is it about Mexican food that we love so much? It is one of the fastest growing restaurant categories in the US, which proves we can’t get enough. Whether it’s the Margaritas, the Ceviche or the Verde sauce – it gets our vote. We found a blog written by a born and bread Mexican (named Pati) that is dedicated to this popular category and through her site she shares loads of Mexican dishes to make, order out and drool over. A bit on the gourmet side, but still lots of great recipe ideas. A must visit for Mexican foodies.
2. All Things Cupcake – for those who love cupcakes, this is THE blog to visit. Isn’t it amazing the curious creations and the awesome creativity that cupcake engineers devise and design in their heads. Essentially if you can dream it, they can build it. Everything from Star Wars themed cupcakes to Betty Boop cupcakes and everything else in between is featured and written about on this blog.
3. Serious Eats.com – for a variety of entrees, appetizers and dessert ideas, this is the food blog for you. Lots of good pics, because let’s face it – what good is a food blog without the food porn. We want good pics and we want them salacious. Yes!!!!
4. Savvy Vegetarian – for those who like to go sans meat, this is a great blog aimed at vegetarians who like interesting yet nutritious dishes. Created by one Judy Kingsbury, Savvy Vegetarian is a blog loaded with meatless recipes, meatless advice and even a hearty FAQ section for readers.
5. Steamy Kitchen – great looking blog that covers a smorgasbord of dishes. Everything from easy dinner entrees to savory appetizers and cooky drinks. A must visit blog for foodies.

(this was hard to narrow down to five as there are a gazillion awesome food blogs worthy of mention but my list had to contain only five – to give other categories a chance)


nomadic matt travel blog

6. Nomadic Matt – yes, this blog always makes all the top lists, but that’s because it’s a kick butt site with a good variety of travel tales, pics and adventures. If you’ve never visited or even heard of the site, but you’re into TRAVEL – then this is a must VISIT blog.
7. Frugal Traveler – this blog comes from The New York Times and is written by Seth Kugel. He shares excellent tips, ideas, photos and more all aimed at budget-friendly travelers. Perfect for these recessionary times we find ourselves in, but just because it’s frugal, doesn’t mean it’s not fun. It is.
8. Sojourns.com – this is a lovely site started up by a college student back in 2009 that chronicles her travel adventures. The blog is a nice mix of all the places she has traveled to along with the foods she has sampled and her various Peace Corp stints around the world.
9. Alex in Wanderland – this site is brought to you by one Alexandra Baackes, a former New Yorker who now travels the globe and blogs about it. Alex is a true nomad as she leaving the comfort and safety of home to try on different faces and places. Loves it.
10. A Luxury Travel Blog – my only beef with this blog is the design. I was expecting some bling and luxuriousness, but it’s pretty flat. However the content is anything but flat, including wonderful photos from far off lands and lots of travel voyeurism. (Dr. Paul if you’re reading this, why not splurge on a sexier design for your awesome luxury travel blog.)

The hashtag on Twitter – to read news on the book is #100blogsbook

BOOK PREVIEW ABOVE: To see a preview of what’s in our book, please see a few entries above.

To see the complete list of “100 Blogs” and to purchase the Kindle book: Coming Soon!

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100 blogs you must visit before 2015

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The hashtag on Twitter – to read news on the book is #100blogsbook