The WordPress platform is the definitive CMS for blogging in recent years, it has become such an integral part of the Internet that as of August 2011, 22% of all new websites were built on WordPress.

beginner tips for wordpress

Bloggers love its functionality, clear layout and ease of setup while readers love the great templates and designs that are reader friendly. Here are a few tips to super charge your WordPress blogging experience from day one.

Landing Pages

When visitors arrive to a post on a site, they’re usually looking for specific content. If they do not find it on that page, then they will bounce away quickly. You lose an opportunity for them to explore and maybe follow or link back to your site. Make sure that they can see what related posts you have on your site. An excellent plugin will help you is “Related Blog Links”, which will find and insert the links to related posts by keyword. This increases your page views and keeps readers engaged.

Dynamic Sidebars.

Visitors to a blog have a tendency to block out the sidebars in blogs as they explore the site. They remain the same, whatever the context of the post. There are a number of Dymanic sidebar HTML inserters that allow you to make sure that the sidebar is showing items that are related to your posts.

Add Share Buttons

Social Media is a key driver for blogs today, driving traffic, links and standing in the eyes of search engines. You want to make it as easy as possible for your followers to disseminate your content to their followers. This is a great way of getting back links and strong traffic. The “Share this” plugin, used on over 1 million sites is the most convenient option. You can select from 50 different social media buttons to add to your posts, depending on which ones are most suitable.

Add Breadcrumbs to your site

This WordPress Plugin (Breadcrumb NavXT) generates locational breadcrumbs for your WordPress Blog. These show the structure that leads to the current page rather than the actual path. They are an important addition to site usability and navigation. From an SEO perspective it maintains a consistency in the navigation which helps in dealing with duplicate and indexing issues.

There are countless plugins and great tips for tweaking WordPress functionality to your requirements. If you utilize these tips it will certainly be a good start in your blogging.

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