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At a time when the internet is used across the globe, it’s easy to see why so many businesses take for granted the fact that they need their own website. Online marketing is an incredibly valuable tool for getting your ideas or your products out there, bringing in extra interest from people you may have been unable to reach previously.

website vs facebook page infographic

But website creation and development can be intimidating. Luckily these days there are a number of different alternatives around. The massive rise in popularity of social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter provide easily accessible platforms for promotion, while those who still desire a website, but are put off by the technical knowledge required to build one have many online services available to them to aid them in easily creating and building a website from scratch.

So what exactly are your options, and which is the most suitable and friendly for you and your ideas or business? This infographic, provided by, will take you through the variety of different choices available to you.

If you decide you need a full site why not create a website with Basekit – who produced this groovy infographic.

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