Maybe you’ve been reading a lot lately on the virtues of guest blogging, but are not yet quite convinced on the practice. Well let me break it down for you one last time. Below I present ten reasons why you should be guest blogging right now for your site. It doesn’t matter what type of niche you’re in, after the ten reasons listed below look at the various guest articles I’ve written for myself (and for clients) on every conceivable niche. In other words, it’s very doable.

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Scroll down, have a look and let my guest articles be YOUR inspiration to get started with your own.

1. Target Your Niche Directly – one of the best features of guest blogging is the ability to choose the blog or site you wish to guest post on. As long as the site owner accepts guest articles and you meet their guidelines, you should be all set to write and submit one for approval. You can search for related sites to guest post on via a search query in Google, a search query on Twitter and or simply email blog owners in your network that you already know. These usually yield the best results since you know the owner already. Send him or her an email and ask if and when you can submit a guest article and be sure to pitch a smart idea their way.

2. Piggyback on A Big Blog – another massive advantage of guest posting is that if you choose an established blog you will reap the benefits of their readership and their traffic. An established site usually has a good reader base and or high traffic, so this method is a smart way indeed to piggyback on their success and if you target your article accordingly, you will most definitely direct a share of their traffic and eyeballs to your site.

3. Link To Whichever Page or Article You Choose – do you have a money page on your site that you wish to garner links to? A money page can be a product page, a service page or an affiliate page. Write it, set it and then build links to it via guest posting. Many smart marketers do it exactly this way. Why? Because it works.

4. It’s Fun – sure you can update your blog every day or every week, but imagine the crazy fun you could have with an entirely new audience. A new subscriber base, etc. Well this is what you would be doing if you decided to guest post on a site other than your own. Remember that the great Darren Rowse has mentioned numerous times in Problogger to step away from your blog from time to time and experience the new. Try it today and see how much fun it can be.

5. It’s FREE – yes, to guest post on a site is (and should be) 100% free. The site or blog owner is getting free fresh content in return, this is his or her incentive to accept your guest article. Fresh free content. Who doesn’t want that from time to time? Anyone? I thought so. Write a super fantastic article that matches the audience your now targeting and razzle and dazzle their pants off. Nothing less will do.

6. It’s Relatively Easy – this is subjective of course. But generally speaking, I mean that it really is no much different that writing and updating your own site. The major difference is that you need to take the time to FIND relevant sites that also accept guest articles, this can be time consuming but not necessarily difficult. My next few articles will touch on this subject, since I do a lot of guest posting and have picked up a few tricks along the way to share with you. Subscribe to my RSS, my Twitter or get my articles via email.

7. Gain Extra Exposure for a Product or Service – are you selling a product or offering a service? Then my friend, you must guest post for extra exposure. Yes, you can create a new blog and get exposure this way, but who is going to know of your new blog? It’s gonna take some time to get it established. This is the inherent value in guest posting, as mentioned in point #2 above. Riding the coat tails of a blog that has already reached a certain level of seniority. No need to reinvent the wheel, simply hop on the bandwagon. This is one excellent method to gain FREE exposure for your product or service.

8. Practice Your Writing – you would be surprised to learn that the more you write, the better you will get at it. Not in one month and certainly not in one week, but over time. Say a year down the road. I’ve been blogging since 2007 and my writing has improved dramatically since then. Leaps and bounds better. It’s not perfect by any means or stretch of the imagination, but a definite improvement. I have literally thousands (yes, thousands) of articles on the web on various sites and blogs since 2007 and my earlier work is telling of my early days as a web content writer. But learning by trial and error is (in my opinion) one of the best ways to learn how to do something. I still have a lot to learn but the actual practice of writing (over the years) has garnered me the ability to charge what I want (today) for my writing. So far, so good. The better I get, the more I will be able to charge.

Those are my top 8 reasons on why YOU should be guest posting and how vital it can be to your online success. Hope it has helped you in seeing the benefits and how fun it can be as well.

Want to see some of the guest articles I’ve written? A partial list of guest articles I’ve written for myself (or for clients) as part of my guest blogging service that I offer here through G34 Media are listed below. Each one is of course 100% original (as all guest posts have to be), informative and or entertaining and related to the niche it was submitted to.

Three Reasons Why The Kindle Doesn’t Cause Eye StrainTech Patio, this was an article I wrote for a site of mine.

5 Smart Frugal Tips for Apartment HuntersA Frugal Life, this was for a client.

Top 5 Pet Friendly Hotels in TexasBest Travel Websites, this one was also for a client.

How To Lend Out Kindle BookseBook Readers Resource, this covered a site of mine.

Five Geeky Products To Pamper Your Pooch This Summer – Geeks for Gizmos, a fun article for a client.

What Blog Owners Want Most After 9 pmComment Luv Blog, one of my most recent contributions to the fabulous Comment Luv blog by the equally fabulous Andy Bailey.

5 Super Awesome Kindle Cases for GeeksTech Wench, for a site of mine.

Reasons Blog Owners Should Be Guest BloggingTech Pupil, for a new client.

5 Easy Ways To Make A Homemade Cover for Your Nook ColorMake The List, for one of my blogs.

As you can see I’ve written guest articles in the following niches: (in other words, no niche is out of range)

pet niche – always a fun niche
travel niche – lots of article ideas
tech niche – one of my personal favorites
blogging/SEO/social media niche – tons of material to cover
frugal living niche – hello? can you say recession, this one is in BIG demand right now
video niche – people are mighty interested in video and how best to use it for their business
finance niche – another niche super popular at the moment

You can do it too. Try it for the reasons mentioned above and see how it fares for you. Will bet you one FREE guest article that it’s fun, productive and worth your time to write and submit one today. Like now, don’t wait.

Need further visual proof? See the cool infographic below that I found on My Blog Guest, one of my favorite resources for finding good blogs to guest post on.

Questions For You:
Have you gotten into the practice of guest posting, yet? If not, why not?
Know of any super cool resources for guest blogging?
What do you dislike about guest posting?

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p.s. This is the longest article I’ve ever written as far as I know. (it stands at 1,416 words)

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