50 Fun Facts About Problogger, Darren Rowse
(this list courtesy of Super Blogga)

darren rowse the problogger

1. He made $blank last year (yeah right, you wish I could tell you)
2. His blog Problogger is a .net and not a .com
3. He is the King of Blogging
4. He wrote the book on blogging, literally
5. He Was Once A Minister

6. He is big into digital photography
7. He gets thousands of blog visitors a day
8. To advertise on his site, it will cost you $ALOT
9. He once used Entre Card
10. At one point, Text Link Ads was one of his biggest earners

11. He was featured on CNN
12. His blog uses the Genesis theme from Studio Press
13. He is good buddies with Yaro Starak
14. He pays his affiliates a 40% commission
15. He highlights his readers on his blog

16. He responds to his commenters
17. He has a Twitter account with 137,000 followers (as of 6/16/2011)
18. He accepted me as a friend on Facebook
19. A link on his blog is worth $64.35 a month (according to iWebTool)
20. His blog is worth $2,082,000 according to DN Scoop

21. His Technorati rank is not in the Top 100 (who knew?) and (who cares?)
22. He has 438,424 backlinks (according to Yahoo Site Explorer)
23. His Alexa rank is 1,773
24. Hig blog is ranked at PR7 by Google
25. He receives (on average) 20 to 30 comments per post

26. He recommends and promotes the Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin
27. His last contest on 6/9/2011 garnered 482 comments
28. He has a blog dedicated to Twitter called Twitip
29. He started blogging in 2002
30. His blog was designed by Ben Bleikamp

31. He use to promote Pay Per Post on his blog
32. He use to promote TLA on his blog
33. He once wrote on ScribeFire
34. He writes multi-media blog posts, a/k/a video posts
35. He writes a newsletter

36. He has 176,000 RSS subscribers
37. He accepts guest posts on his site
38. He once would write 3 to 4 articles daily on his blog
39. His timezone is (AEST UTC+10)

40. He writes when most American bloggers are sleeping

41. He can be funny (at times – lol)
42. He speaks at various conferences annually
43. He wears wacky t-shirts
44. He has a lovely Aussie accent
45. He wears glasses

46. He is partially bald
47. He is listed in Wikipedia
48. He is married with 2 kids
49. He is 39 years old and his birthday is April 27th
50. He is from Australia

He uses WordPress
His webhost is Media Tempple
His domain name is registered till the year 2019 (and is registered at Go Daddy)
He also owns the .com version of Problogger, which is now a forum
He drives a tSi Golf
He has (or had) an iPhone (according to this tweet)
He donated to the flood relief in Queensland
He has 26,490 fans on Facebook

I stumbled onto Darren Rowse and his Problogger site several years ago, before the new slick resdesign and remember spending about an hour or two pouring over the massive amount of material has has there. If you’re thinking of starting a blog (for whatever reason) – you owe it to yourself to visit his site.

Disclosure: Some of the links above are affiliate links, which mean I may make a small commission if you buy the item.

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