Looking to add a Facebook Like icon or button to your WordPress powered blog? If so, have a look at the plugin from Dean Peters.

His plugin is simple, free and works like a charm. You install fbLikeButton the same as any WordPress plugin, activate in your admin dashboard and then go to settings. What this cool plugin will do is add a LIKE icon and button on the bottom or top (whichever you prefer) of each post on your blog, making it easy for those on Facebook to “like” it on their respective Facebook accounts.

Since a great deal of people have a Facebook page and use it daily, this is a no brainer really. To install the Facebook Like Icon WordPress plugin to your site, follow the simple steps below.

1. Go to Plugins in your wp admin dashboard

2. Search fbLikeButton and make sure the author is Dean Peters

3.  Download it to your blog

4. Activate the plugin

5. Go to the settings page

That’s it. You now have the Facebook Like Icon WordPress plugin installed and activated on your blog, ready to let others easily and quickly appreciate your content on the fly.

Need help? Let me know below in the comment area.


p.s. For those interested, visit the WordPress plugin page or the authors fbLikeButton page here.

p.s.s. Want to see the plugin in action? Scroll right below and you’ll see the blue Facebook LIKE icon and button – feel free to click it and let your fans know about where you found it.

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