If you recently started a blog and now seek ways to promote it and get traffic, below are a few ideas to get the wheels turning.

1. Wacky Video – people love video, plain and simple. Most people who don’t spend all day on their laptop and work regular 9 to 5 jobs will get home, have dinner and then hop online. Many search for info, others will shop and the remainder look for entertainment. Video entertainment no less. So grab the video cam and shoot something funny, wacky or silly and then drop it on YouTube. Then link to it from your site or blog, and let your social network know as well. Get that video going, now!

EXAMPLE: I don’t just walk the walk, here’s a cool video I had made that promotes my Facebook fan page promotion. Have a look and if you don’t like it, i’ll give you your money back. Wait! You didn’t pay anything, the video was free. No money back for you!

2. Caption Contest – people love these as well because they’re just plain fun. The trick is to pick a wacky pic, one that shows a person, animal or thing doing something funny. Then let those who enter the contest, give it a caption. The funniest one wins, as picked by you.

EXAMPLE: here’s a cartoon caption contest held weekly that invites readers to join in.

3. Funny eBook – sure you could write the everyday ebook and do ok, or you could write a funny ebook and blast away your competition. Wouldn’t you rather read an ebook about fun ways to promote your blog than a dry book on best ways to promote your blog. Exactly, I do too. Bring the laughs and they’ll bring in the traffic.

EXAMPLE: the guy over at eBookTimes.com created an awesome ebook filled with nothing but jokes. It’s called “The Great Big Book Of Hilarious Jokes”, you’re already wanting a copy. Exactly my point.

4. To List or Not Too List – the great thing about a list is that it can be tailored to any niche and any topic. The more creative you get, the better. You can do a top 5, top 7, top 10 or top 22. Any number fits really, but make it entertaining or informative. What was the last list article you read? Why did you click on over, or why did you choose to read it. Tell me below in the comment area.

EXAMPLE: this very article is an example of a list article. It features five awesomely wacky ways to promote your blog…that guarantee traffic. It’s quite simple and remember that any niche or topic can benefit from a great list article.

5. Facebook/Twitter Only Giveaway – whether you decide to use Facebook for the giveaway or Twitter doesn’t matter. Because the process is the same for both. What you want to do is make sure that those who enter – pass along the giveaway to someone else. Make it a requirement for entry. And keep it in the respective network, meaning everything from set up, to entries and the winner announcement should all be done on the social network account. Now just offer up an awesome prize and you’re good to go.

You can combine some of the methods too, for example you could have a caption contest only via Facebook. Get creative and let the innard clown in you shine. Hey! I just invented a word – innard!

What wacky blog promotion ideas have you seen? Share them below.


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