This past week over at the Clicknewz forum we had our weekly webinar and someone raised the idea of creating a meme just for us members. Oh! yeah that someone was me. lol.

So here it is, I’m kicking the Clicknewz meme off by creating the very first one. Lynn (Terry) said she would participate, so we all have to hold her accountable. I’ll pick a member next and then they have to pick one and so on.

1. I’m no techy, my very first computer was just under ten years ago when my youngest brother second handed me his desktop. I still have that desktop, my roommate uses it. It’s a 1994 Compaq. lol.

2. Back in junior college, I took acting classes. Not sure why, just thought it would be fun. But it wasn’t, we had to do wacky things like jump around the stage and pretend we were an animal. Ha! Everyone thought I was snooty, but I was just way too shy for that sort of stuff.

3. I’ve had more jobs than I can count, some good and some not so good. All educational. From science lab technician to mortgage closer and everything else in between, I’ve learned one thing. I’m not cut out for the normal working world, self-employment (at this point) is my only choice.

4. I love sunflower seeds and ketchup. What? You haven’t tried it? All you do is place the sunflower seeds in a snack plate and then just add ketchup. Oh! and mix it all up. You have to try this delicious snack combo, in fact. I wish I could patent it. It’s delish.

5. I sold three sites in 2010 for more than $10,000 all of which are doing really well, according to the new owners. However these sites (as I know now) were worth alot more than $10,000. Ooops! I do NOT plan to sell anymore, do not ask.

6. I do not have a middle name. None. Nip. Nada. Just a first and last name. That’s it.

7. One of my favorite TV shows is House Hunters on HGTV. Love it. I love how we get to peek inside all these super cool houses from all over the globe. Such fun! But I prefer the regular US based House Hunters over the International version (especially when they go to Europe), I don’t dig the older housing from the Old World countries. I like modern aesthetics. Although I do like some of the ocean front Caribbean and or Southern American properties. Those are to die for!

8. My uncle in Puerto Rico was the Superintendent of schools at one point. I come from a long line of teachers. (on dad’s side) Oddly enough, I am not one. That is quirky, right? lol.

9. I often ponder the meaning of life, why the sky is blue and who’s gonna take Oprah’s place as the queen of all media? Oh! the confusion in my head.

There you have it, me and all my quirky glory. lol. If you want to join in and share yours, just ping me and I will get notice via WordPress and check yours out. Plus I’ll link to it below.

Inspired by Frugal Find

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