Should a blog owner create a Facebook fan page? Can a blogger benefit from Facebook marketing?

First, did you hear about the recent survey from the Harvard Business Review that showcases how a small business on Facebook; increases sales, loyalty and word-of-mouth referrals?

But you have a blog, not a small business? As a blogger on Facebook, you have the UNIQUE opportunity to grow your audience, gain traffic, score RSS and email subscribers and more. That’s HUGE! So it’s not just meant for small business. Those who run a blog stand to benefit a great deal from smart strategies with the social media giant.

Let’s take a look at Facebook marketing as it relates to bloggers.

Feel free to share the URL to your Facebook Fan Page below in the comment area.

Here’s the Facebook Marketing For Bloggers 25 point checklist.

1. Create a fan page for your blog (learn the value of a FB fan page here)
2. Pick a name that is memorable, relevant and or keyword-rich (be smart, as it can’t be changed later on)
3. Differentiate your page by making custom tabs, with the “Extended Info” app or the “FBML” app
4. Don’t choose your “Wall”, as the default landing page for non-fans
5. Instead choose the custom tab you just created (in step 3 above)
6. Do add a variety of media to your fan page, including video and photos
7. Don’t post too often, or too much as fans will get annoyed and un-fan you
8. Add creative apps to your sidebar, and share relevant high quality items of interest in your niche (your fans will love this)
9. Keep the auto-posting to a minimum, no one wants to follow (or fan) a robot
10. If you must auto post anything, let it be (your blogs RSS feed) via the NOTES box
11. Grab the fan box widget and it to your blog (this is a great way to snag fans quickly)
12. Want to customize your FB fan page? Here are a few tutorials for you to look at
13. Let your Twitter followers know you’re on Facebook, and that they can now fan you
14. Write a blog post letting your readers (and visitors) know that your FB fan page is up and running
15. Send an email to your list (if you have one) about your new social media page
16. If your blog is BIG, submit a press release announcing your new FB destination
17. Heck, even if your blog is NOT big, submit a press release anyway
18. Bookmark Mashable, the leading social media blog and read their Facebook articles
19. Have forum friends? Let them know as well
20. Really spice up your page, make it ORIGINAL, INTERESTING and or ENTERTAINING (don’t forget about using a creative or silly fan page image to grab attention)
21. Have a fan giveaway! Announce it a few days early on your WALL, then have fans “do something” in order to enter to win your awesome prize
22. Here is an example of a fun fan giveaway!
23. Interact with fans – ask questions, respond to comments, invite their feedback, etc
24. Have fun! (your fans will see this and enjoy your page)
25. YOUR TURN: What is your best Facebook marketing tip for bloggers? Tell us in the comment area below.

Want an example? Here’s the Facebook Fan Page I created last Saturday for my personal blog, Groovy Vegetarian. Have a look and tell me if I followed my own checklist or not.

Need help with your FB fan page? Let me know, I would be glad to take a look.

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