How do you stay abreast of the various changes and ideas in the world of blogging? By reading blogs that deliver the goods. But which blogs? Below i share with you, the core group of bloggers i follow, who keep on top of changes within the industry and know the myriad of details that make up a good blog.

11 Blogs You Should Be Reading If You’re A Blogger

1. Problogger

Some say this is the quintessential resource for blogging, and i would have to agree. The sheer volume of information on this blog makes for a worthy addition to your RSS feed. Here you will find information and tips on any and every aspect of blogging. If you’re looking for a blog job, this one has a job board as well. The blogger behind this blog (Darren Rowse) wrote the book on blogging literally.

2. Performancing

This is a multi-author blog and is loaded with industry information and guides on how to become a better blogger. Industry leading, a must read.

3. Daily Blog Tips

Daniel Scocco runs this blog and as the name implies it covers daily blog tips. He updates every day with about 2 to 3 posts and covers a wide gamut within the blogging field. Excellent tips can be found here.

4. Weblogs

This blog is part of the network and is also a fantastic resource. The site is part portal part blog, and contains lots of useful tips and information. This one is run by Susan and she does a fine job of keeping tabs on the industry. A good place to start if you’re a new blogger.

5. Blogging Tips

Another multi-author blog run by a neat guy named Kevin who dishes on all things that have to do with blogging. There is also a forum here that you might be interested in. Post a question, answer some, gain some tips. Get to know the community there, it’s a small but steady one.

6. Small Business SEM

What would a blog be without SEO? Yes, the blogs mentioned above do delve into the topic and cover search engine optimization tips, but this one focuses on it. Run by Matt McGee, this is a must add to your feed reader as well.

7. WordPress Hacks

All hail to WordPress. Woot Woot. Did you know that Wordress was founded by a 23 year old? Well now you know. That was just abit of trivia thrown in for the hack of it. WordPress is so robust and feature rich, thousands of blogs exist solely to cover this vast dimension of bloggery tech. Hack WordPress is a newer entry (having been around since 2007) in the blogosphere, but it contains a plethora of really useful tips on how to transform your basic WordPress install into so much more.

I guarantee if you visit this blog, you will fall in love with it. 100% guaranteed. (no i dont know the owner)

8. Zedomax Biz Blog

I am abit biased here on this, as the genius behind this blog is also technically my boss. But if the blog wasn’t valuable to bloggers, i would not include it in this round up. Max specializes in Adsense tips and Adsense optimization, and he delivers the goods. If you use Google Adsense on your blog, this one is a must read for you.

9. Weblog Tools Collection

WBT has been around for some time now, and it focuses on tools for bloggers. You will particularly enjoy the fantastic (and ongoing) collection of wordpress theme and wordpress plugin reviews. Plus it provides detailed information on what’s new with the latest versions of WordPress. This blog is always an interesting read. Great addition to your feed reader.

10. Blogger For Dummies

WordPress isn’t the only game in town? There is also the Google owned Blogger and the many who choose to go this route, have their top resources as well. I found this one which is shock full of hacks, tweaks, and tips for those on blogger. Lots of good stuff here.

11. Gear Fuse

Let’s face it. If you’re a blogger you’re most likely a geek too. I am the exception. LoL. Just kidding, i am a geek, and if not, i so want to be. The mavericks behind this blog are Steve, Vincent, and Ryan. Wow, did i really just say mavericks? Anyway, the talented nerdherd behind this blog is always fun to read. Ryan (along with the other authors) feature lots of tech goodness for us bloggers. Everything from eco friendly laptops to the latest cell phones and accessories. A fun blog.

Which Do You Read?

There are tons of blogs that i did not mention, as i plan to write a follow up post and include smaller blogs. But do share your personal faves below.

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