I just ran into an old post (dated 3/14/2007) on Search This, about taking WordPress from install to pimped out.

WordPress SEO

The writer (Golgotha) gives 11 WordPress tips and tricks, to take your blog to the next level, if you will. But the wordpress plugin, All In One SEO, pretty much takes care of alot of what he mentions in his article, including title tags, meta tags, and the no index of archives, among other things.

I wonder how many bloggers use All In One SEO, do they think there is a better alternative, or is this the holy grail of WordPress seo.

Reader Question(s)
If you use the All In One SEO wordpress plugin, share your thoughts below on how this plugin has improved your blog, and how you have been able to improve your rankings in the search engines because of it.

If you don’t use it, why not?

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