WordPress 2.6 is now live and it is (as Matt Mullenweg, the creator calls it)…HAWT!

As i was reading about the NEW! wordpress 2.6, it struck me how i actually understood what Matt was talking about, and pretty much followed most of the new improvements and add ons.

Some of the improvements are listed below, in the order of how i remember reading about them on the wordpress.org blog update post.

Word Count: you can now see and keep track of how many words are in your entry

Theme Preview: Before making a new theme live on your blog, you can now preview it first, in a pop up window

Press This Bookmarklet: A NEW! Firefox an IE extension that allows posting to your blog, from a variety of different web-based sources, such as YouTube and Flickr

Image captions: You can now add captions to images

Bulk management: of wordpress plugins

*Head to the WordPress blog, for the complete list of NEW! features of WordPress 2.6

Reader question
Will you be upgrading to WordPress 2.6, and why or why not? Weigh in below. I have not yet upgraded, i always like to wait a few days or a week to upgrade, as any wacky stuff will come out as others are trying it out. I will upgrade to 2.6, in a few days. If you have already upgraded, do share your experiences with me.

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