Google Analytics is one the more comprehensive site stats tools available, and as such, it is loaded with many features.

Did you know with Google Analytics you can find out the following from your site or blog visitors:

  • What city they are from
  • What exact keywords they used to find you
  • What day and time they visited your blog
  • Where exactly they came from
  • and so much more

Below is a video on Google Analytics and How To Get Started With It.

If you run a site or blog, it is terribly important to add a solid stats counter to your marketing arsenal. Why? Because you will want to know who is visiting, how they found you, when they visit, if they are repeat visitors, and more. Why? So you can tailor your content to attract more of your “TYPE” of visitor. More visitors equals more traffic, more traffic equals more interaction, subscribers, income, etc.

Google Analytics is offered for FREE to all, and just about every blogger i know uses it. It is easy to add to your site or blog, and easy to use. Many bloggers use two stats tools, they will use both GA and also an additional stats package like StatsCounter. Why? It’s the ole “not having all your eggs in one basket” type deal. That’s all. Plus some like the different options and interface available from different stats vendors.

If you live in Boston, Orlando, or Chicago, check out one of the June 2008 Google Analytics Seminars.
There are two versions, a basic one, and an advanced one. Both are offered by certified Google Analytics Consultants.

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